Candy, Têtes Brûlées, Paint Billes, Strawberry Taste, Raspberry Taste : Kitache

Têtes Brûlées. Paint Billes. Strawberry Taste. Raspberry Taste : Kitache. It tears, it's prickly a max. Têtes Brûlées is fun, intense sensations, challenges to be met between friends… In short, a unique experience ! You got it, for laughter bars and a lot of fun, Têtes Brûlées, it's so heavy ! Têtes Brûlées, the candies that burst you seriously !

Net weight : 135 g

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Confectionery with strawberry taste and raspberry with acid coating. Ingredients : glucose syrup, sugar, acidifier : citric acid, acidity corrector : sodium citrates, flavors, colorants : E133, E163. Average nutritional information per 100 g, energy value : 1471 kJ (346 kcal), fat : 0 g, including saturated fat : 0 g, carbohydrates : 87 g, of which sugars : 58 g, protein : 0 g, salt : 1.4 g.

Please note, Têtes Brûlées candies are not suitable for young children (- 6 years). Têtes Brûlées recommends that you keep them out of their reach. In addition, Têtes Brûlées candies are acidic and as with other acidic foods, reasonable consumption is recommended to avoid irritation of the mouth and stomach. In your Têtes Brûlées sachet, Têtes Brûlées does everything in its power to achieve a homogeneous distribution of the candies, but Têtes Brûlées regrets that it cannot be guaranteed 100 %. Keep away from the heat and humidity. Made in France.

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