Infusion, Drainage & Grapefruit Elimination

La Tisanière. 25 sachets. Drainage & Grapefruit Elimination. Cherry tails, green coffee, chicory, grapefruit. Discover the infusion of La Tisanière Drainage & Grapefruit Elimination combining all the benefits of cherry tails with fruity and intense notes of grapefruit. Enjoy this infusion with refreshing citruses flavors. La Tisanière selects with great care the plants, fruits, flowers and spices that make up its infusions. La Tisanière chose the cherry tails, used to facilitate the elimination functions of the body and recommends you consume 3 cups per day (3 cups bring you 2 g of cherry tails), as part of a healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet.

Net weight : 37.5 g

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Aromatic infusion plants. Ingredients : cherry tails (45 %), hibiscus, rooibos, grapefruit flavor (9 %), green coffee (3.5 %), roasted roots of chicory (3.5 %), orange (2 %), aroma (2 %), grapefruit pieces (1 %), rosemary (1 %). Average nutritional values per 100 ml of infusion, energy : < 17 kJ (< 4 kcal), fat : 0 g, including saturated fatty acids : 0 g, carbohydrates : < 0.5 g, including sugars : < 0.5 g, protein : < 0.5 g, salt : 0 g.

Directions for use : put a sachet in a cup, pour 250 ml of boiling water and let infuse 5 minutes. Keep your box in a cool and dry place.

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