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Lu. Bastogne. Speculoos. 1 serving (23.6 g). This package contains approximately 11 servings. Harmony Charter. Creator of biscuits since 1846. Net weight : 260 g
Lu. Buttered Nantais. Shortbreads. About 20 cookies. 1 serving (32.5 g) = 5 cookies. This package contains 4 servings. French wheat. Without preservatives (like other dry cookies on the French market) (butter from the...
Lu. Figolu. Rich in figs. Approximately 12 shortbreads. This package contains approximately 6 servings. No coloring, no preservative, no added flavor. Source of fiber. Net weight : 192 g
Kinder. Cards. Without colorants, without preservatives. 5 packages of 2 cookies (2 cookies x 12.8 g = 25.6 g per package). Net weight : 128 g
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